New Mexico Criminal Justice Degrees

The demand for qualified, highly trained law enforcement and criminal justice professionals is very high in New Mexico, especially since a 2015 USA Today report indicates that New Mexico is ranked as the 2nd-most dangerous state to live in terms of its crime rate.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

NM Criminal Justice Programs

Individuals who would like to become criminal justice specialists and work in this state can choose from 30 criminal justice schools in New Mexico. Offering 30 undergraduate degree and two graduate degrees, these schools offer a wide variety of areas of study within the fields of criminal justice and law enforcement.

Criminal Justice Scholarships

In addition to having a wide berth of programs from which to choose, criminal justice students can also receive financial help in the way of scholarships. Scholarships may be obtained through the New Mexico State Police Association, Ron and Cora Lee Children of Law Enforcement Officers Scholarship, Law Enforcement Scholarship, and Fire Fighter and Peace Officer Survivors Scholarship. New Mexico Tech and New Mexico State University both offer scholarships to eligible students.

Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

Despite the need for criminal justice professionals in New Mexico, most workers, with the exception of detectives & criminal investigators, earned wages in 2014 that were lower than the national average. Of particular interest are judges and magistrates, who earned $30,000 while the national average for this profession was $115,100.

The national average for private detectives & investigators was $44,600, and those working in New Mexico only earned about $29,900 in 2014, according to O*NET. Correctional officers & jailers were predicted to see an employment growth of eighteen percent between 2012 and 2022. This was the highest job growth prediction among New Mexico criminal justice workers.

While most of the other occupations had low employment growth predictions, several of these occupations are expected to hire many workers in the coming years. Police & sheriff’s patrol officers; correctional officers & jailers; and judges, magistrate judges & magistrates are projected to see 150, 200 and 100 new job postings annually.