Maryland Criminal Justice Degrees & Programs

In a 2015 ranking of the most dangerous states to live, Maryland ranked 8th among the nation, according to a USA Today report. This bodes well for individuals who are interested in working as criminal justice or law enforcement agents in Maryland.

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MD Criminal Justice Programs

What bodes well for aspiring criminal justice students is that Maryland has 32 colleges or universities that offer criminal justice programs, and these schools offer every degree level possible. Additionally, these schools offer a wide variety of majors, including law enforcement & criminal justice, paralegal, litigation, juvenile justice, Homeland security management, forensic science, security management, police service and more.

Criminal Justice Scholarships in Maryland

Students pursuing degrees in criminal justice may find some assistance through grants and scholarships. Organizations that offer scholarships and financial assistance to criminal justice and law enforcement students include Maryland Troopers Association and Maryland Chiefs of Police Association.

The Maryland Sheriffs’ Association also offers some scholarships for applicants that have completed training and are applying for positions as deputies or correction officers. There are also various national scholarships that may be available to aspiring students. Scholarships may also be offered through the college where the student earns the degree.

Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

Law enforcement & criminal justice teachers, postsecondary earned an average wage of $59,700 in 2014, according to O*NET, who also predicted these teachers could see employment growth of seven percent from 2012-2022. This wage is higher than the national average for that occupation.

Another occupation in Maryland that had higher-than-average wages was detectives & criminal investigators. This group earned about $98,300, a figure substantially higher than the national average of $79,900. Police & sheriff’s patrol officers earned about $58,500 in 2014 and are predicted to see about 540 annual job postings.

While O*NET did not predict any employment growth for probation officers & correctional treatment specialists for 2012-2022, this occupation can expect about 50 new job postings per year; these professionals earned $54,300, which was also above the national average for that occupation. Overall, employment for individuals working in the field of criminal justice in Maryland is good, particularly in terms of wages.