Kansas Criminal Justice Degrees & Programs

Thinking of pursuing a career in criminal justice and not sure what’s available for schools in Kansas? Kansas actually has a number of options, with 41 colleges and universities offering criminal justice programs.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

KS Criminal Justice Programs

In addition to offering certificate, associate, bachelor and master degree programs, some of the schools even offer online programs. Students can choose from a wide selection of majors including law enforcement officer, criminal justice, paralegal assistant, administration of justice, forensic science, probation, parole, corrections, and police science, among others.

KS Criminal Justice Scholarships

To help offset the cost of attending college; Kansas has a few different scholarship options. The Kansas Troopers Foundation, a division of the Kansas State Patrol Association, gives out 15 scholarships to deserving and eligible students each year. The Kansas Correctional Association also gives out scholarships to criminal justice students. Students may also receive scholarships from college scholarship programs offered through the State of Kansas as well as through the colleges they choose to earn the criminal justice degree.

Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

Wages earned by criminal justice professionals in Kansas are below the national average in almost all occupations dealing with criminal justice and law enforcement, according to a report by O*NET. The predicted employment growth for these professions ranges from one percent to about seventeen percent for the decade of 2012-2022.

Listed below are some of the occupations graduates of criminal justice programs may choose as well as the average annual income for 2014 as reported by O*NET. Behind the wage is the employment growth percentage that O*NET predicts these professions may experience.

  • Judges, magistrate judges & magistrates – $110,900 – 3%
  • First-line supervisors of police & detectives $62,600 – 6%
  • Criminal justice & law enforcement postsecondary teachers – $53,900 -17%
  • Detectives & criminal investigators – $52,700 – 5%
  • Fish & game wardens – $45,300 – 1%
  • Forensic science technicians – $43,600 – 15%
  • Probation officers & correctional treatment specialists – $37,800 – 0%
  • Police & sheriff’s patrol officers – $42,200 – 6%
  • Correctional officers & jailers –$32,600 – 8%
  • Private detectives & investigators – NA, – 8%