Iowa Criminal Justice Degrees & Programs

Individuals who are interested in criminal justice careers and wish to earn their degrees in Iowa can choose from 36 schools throughout the state.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

Iowa Criminal Justice Programs

Available criminal justice schools in Iowa, which consist of a variety of community colleges, technical institutes and universities, offer diploma, certificate, associate, bachelor and master degree programs.

In addition, students can choose from various fields of study, including criminal justice, criminology, forensic science, emergency and disaster management, cyber-crime investigations and police science.

Criminal Justice Scholarships for Iowans

Students pursuing criminal justice degrees may obtain financial help through grants and scholarships. National Scholarships may come from national scholarship funds such as the Youth Scholarship Program. Additionally, Upper Iowa University gives members of the Iowa State Police Association a ten percent discount on tuition.

Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

Listed below are the average yearly salaries earned by several criminal justice professions as well as the employment growth percent O*NET predicts they’ll have between 2012 and 2022 and whether the wage in Iowa is lower or higher than the national average.

  • Criminal justice & law enforcement postsecondary teachers – $59,100 -13% – higher
  • Detectives & criminal investigators – $69,400- 3% – lower
  • First-line supervisors of police & detectives $67,000 – 6% – lower
  • Probation officers & correctional treatment specialists – $67,000 – 1% – higher
  • Fish & game wardens – $59,500 – 2% – higher
  • Forensic science technicians – $58,700 – 4% – higher
  • Police & sheriff’s patrol officers – $53,600 – 6% – lower
  • Correctional officers & jailers –$49,100 -5% – higher
  • Private detectives & investigators $38,400 – 27% – lower
  • Judges, magistrate judges & magistrates – $38,100 – 6% – lower by $115,110

Of special interest are the wages for Iowa judges, magistrate judges & magistrates. In most states, this profession has almost the highest wage among criminal justice careers. Not only does it have the lowest of the group mentioned but the wages is substantially lower than $115,100, which is the national average for this occupation. Another interesting fact can be found with private detectives & investigators. They have one of the lower wages and a wage that’s below the national average; however, O*NET predicts they can expect an employment growth of twenty-seven percent from 2012-2022.