Indiana Criminal Justice Degrees & Programs

Indiana has 47 colleges and universities with criminal justice programs. With 47 undergraduate degrees and 7 graduate degrees, this state can offer students programs in criminal justice, legal studies, paralegal, paralegal assistant, criminology, court reporting, public safety and correctional management, among others.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

Students can choose from both on-campus and online programs and can pursue certificates, associate, bachelor and master degree programs. If the cost of college becomes a program, as it often does, Indiana has several organizations that offer grants and scholarships to criminal justice programs.

Indiana Criminal Justice Scholarships

The American Association of State Troopers offers a scholarship program to dependents of the AAST. Aspiring criminal justice students can also receive assistance through the Youth Scholarship Program; Concerns of Police Officers, Inc.; Irlet Anderson Scholarship Award; and the Andrew P. Winzenread Scholarship Fund. Students may also be eligible for scholarships through the school they attend as well.

Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

Upon graduation, criminal justice students may find many lucrative career opportunities, depending on the path they’ve chosen. O*NET indicates that criminal justice and law enforcement professionals may see average to good employment growth between 2012 and 2022, depending on the job.

Criminal justice & law enforcement postsecondary teachers are projected to see an eight percent employment growth while detectives & criminal investigators would only see a four percent growth. These two professionals earned about $44,000 and $57,900, respectively in 2014. A six percent and a four percent job growth were predicted for police & sheriff’s patrol officers and correctional officers and jailers, who earned $46,600 and $30,900.

All the wages mentioned above are lower than what was earned by the same professions across the nation. Criminal justice professions in Illinois that experienced wages above the national average were judges, magistrate judges & magistrates ($135,100) and forensic science technicians ($59,800). However, O*NET indicates that both of these professions would see a somewhat slow (two to four percent) growth in employment from 2012-2022.