Hawaii Criminal Justice Degrees & Programs

The crime rate in Hawaii is above the national average, increasing the need for qualified criminal justice professionals.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

Students interested in pursuing criminal justice careers in Hawaii can choose from 10 different colleges and universities within the state.

Hawaii Criminal Justice Programs

While Hawaii may not have as many criminal justice schools as larger states, the schools they do have offer a nice selection of programs. Included in the 10 undergraduate degrees and 2 graduate degrees are programs with various areas of study such as forensics; criminal justice administration; paralegal; administration of justice; legal secretary and criminal investigation. Some schools even offer their criminal justice programs as distance learning or hybrid programs.

Criminal Justice Scholarships in HI

Hawaii offers several scholarship opportunities to deserving and eligible criminal justice students. The University of Hawaii – Hilo, for instance, offers the Carol McCall Memorial Scholarship. A criminal justice scholarship is also offered at Hawaii Community College. There are actually several scholarship opportunities as the Hawaii Community College that may not be geared specifically towards criminal justice students but can be used by CJ students. Students may also apply for scholarships through the American Criminal Justice Association.

HI Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

According to O*NET, criminal justice professionals in Hawaii are expected to experience a various range of job growth from 2012-2022. Criminal justice and law enforcement postsecondary teachers in Hawaii should see a growth of twelve percent while detectives and criminal investigators should only see a three percent growth, and a four percent growth is expected for police and sheriff’s patrol officers.

Private detectives & investigators should see a growth of eight percent while probation officers and correctional treatment specialists would remain stable with little or no growth. Criminal justice and law enforcement postsecondary teachers earned an average annual wage of $48,100 in 2014 while detectives and criminal justice investigators saw wages of $88,700, and police and sheriff’s patrol officers earned $58,600.

Private detectives and investigators earned about $57,200, and probation officers and correctional treatment specialists earned $53,000. Although many of these professions are experiencing low employment growth, almost all criminal justice workers in Hawaii are earning wages that are above the national average.