Florida Criminal Justice Degrees & Programs

Florida Criminal Justice Programs
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102 criminal justice schools in our directory in Florida

If a career in criminal justice appeals to you and you live in Florida or would like to earn your degree in Florida, you’ll have a huge selection of schools from which to choose, with over 120 different schools in Florida offering criminal justice degrees at multiple levels.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

Florida Criminal Justice Programs

Currently, there are about 102 schools in Florida that offer criminal justice programs and they offer over a hundred undergraduate degrees and 22 graduate degrees.

Whether you’re looking for a major in paralegal studies, criminal justice or homeland security, chances are good you’ll find something that meets your career goals.

Criminal Justice Scholarships Available in Florida

Students who may be in need of scholarships also have some options. The American Association of State Troopers offers a couple of scholarships to eligible criminal justice students, including the V.J. Johnson Memorial Scholarship.

Other scholarship options for Florida criminal justice students are the Police Family Survivors Fund Scholarship, Charles L. Gittens Scholarship Award, and the Irlet Anderson Scholarship Award, among others. Wages for criminal justice jobs in Florida are very good.

Although some professions aren’t predicted to have a big jump in job growth, these professions are still seeing wages in Florida that are higher than the rest of the nation.

Florida Criminal Justice Career & Employment Trending

Detectives and criminal investigators, for instance, are only predicted to see an employment growth of three percent from 2012-2022, but the average yearly wage for 2014 was $127,400, which is substantially higher than the national average of $79,900.

About 190 new jobs per year are also expected to open. This data comes from O*NET, which gets its info from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Criminal justice and law enforcement postsecondary teachers and police and sheriff’s patrol officers are expected to see employment growths of seventeen percent and nine percent, and their earnings were $64,200 and $68,400, respectively.

Despite the low projected employment growth for some of these occupations in Florida, they do expect to see many now jobs opening. Police and sheriff’s patrol officers are expected to see about 1,430 new job openings per year, according to O*NET, and there should be about 590 new jobs per year for correctional jailers and officers.