Criminal Justice Programs in Arizona

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The crime rate in Arizona may not be as high as in some states but since the U.S. Census Bureau ranks Arizona 16th in the nation in terms of violent crimes, the need for trained criminal justice and law enforcement professionals is always there.

Criminal Justice Schools in Arizona

What bodes well for individuals who aspire to become criminal justice specialists is that there are about 44 accredited college and universities that offer criminal justice programs.

Additionally, these schools offer 44 undergraduate degrees and five graduate degrees. Programs include legal studies, criminal justice, homeland security, crime intelligence analysis and law enforcement training to name just a few.

Scholarship Opportunities for Arizona Residents

Another bonus for Arizona criminal justice students is that there are two scholarships available to criminal justice students through the Arizona Highway Patrol Association. The AHPA scholarship is a scholarship available to students who are dependent children of active, retired or deceased law enforcement professionals who worked in law enforcement for at least five years.

Another scholarship they offer is the AHPA golf scholarship. Some schools, like Northern Arizona University for one, may also offers scholarships for criminal justice students.

Career Opportunities in Arizona

Criminal justice and law enforcement secondary teachers earned wages that ranged from $19,000 to more than $111,000 in 2014, according to an O*NET wage report.

The average amount earned by police and sheriff’s patrol officers was $60,000 in 2014, which was slightly more than the national average for this profession. Detectives and criminal investigators earned average yearly salaries of about $88,900, which was also above the national average. However, the $38,300 earned by Arizona correctional officers and jailers was just slightly below the national average.

Employment Outlook for AZ Workers in CJ/Law

According to a 2014 employment report by O*NET, criminal justice and law enforcement secondary teachers could expect an employment growth of seventeen between 2012 and 2022.

This percentage is higher than the thirteen percent prediction for the rest of the nation. There should also be about ten new job openings per year for these teachers in Arizona.

Detectives and criminal investigators are predicted to see growth of seven percent and 160 new job openings while correctional officers and jailers could experience a thirteen percent growth and more than 500 new job openings annually.