Criminal Justice Programs in Alaska

Alaska Criminal Justice Programs
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4 criminal justice schools in our directory in Alaska

With so many career opportunities available to graduates of criminal justice program graduates, students have many options in terms of career programs.

Consider online Criminal Justice programs currently accepting applicants:

This is a good thing in Alaska because although this state is parsley populated with a high average income; it also has a high rate of crime.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Alaska has the 6th-highest rate of crime in the nation.

Criminal Justice Schools in Alaska

Although Alaska doesn’t have as many criminal justice schools as some states, they do have four colleges or universities that offer criminal justice programs.

Within these four schools, students can find around five undergraduate programs and one graduate program. Whether they aspire to be police officers, paralegals, game wardens, probation officers or criminologists, they’re sure to find an accredited program.

To help offset some of the cost of attending criminal justice school, Alaska has a couple scholarship opportunities for would-be students, including the Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship and the Women Police of Alaska Scholarship.

Employment for Criminal Justice Grads in Alaska

Criminal justice professions earn better-than-average wages in Alaska, according to O*NET. Criminal justice and law enforcement secondary teachers in Alaska earned an average wage of $61,900 in 2014, an amount slightly higher than the national average of $57,200.

Police and sheriff’s patrol officers earned about $76,700, which was substantially higher than the $56,800 that was earned by these professionals across the nation. The $57,800 that was earned by correctional officers and jailers was also above the national average.

Employment Outlook for Alaska Law Enforcement

Wages is not the only reason why Alaska may be a good place for criminal justice professionals to work. O*NET also reports that these specialists could expect some positive employment growth as well.

Although the projected employment growth for criminal justice and law enforcement secondary teachers in Alaska was unavailable, these teachers nationwide are predicted to see an employment growth of about thirteen percent between 2012 and 2022.

Alaska police and sheriff’s patrol officers should see an employment growth of two percent during that decade while correctional officers and jailers can expect five percent, which indicates there should be new job openings in both categories.