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Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

With the evolution of technology, getting an education from an online university is almost becoming more of the “norm” than the exception.

Criminal justice is no exception – by our count, there are over 150 online criminal justice degree options in the United States. Compared to a decade (or two) ago, when there were maybe a handful, this is excellent news for those needing the flexibility of online courses.

There are many different types of online criminal justice degrees available for study in the United States. We have analyzed all of the online criminal justice programs at nearly every university, and have summarized the difference between each program. Most programs do have specialties, but all programs designate their degree by degree level.

Below is a list of featured online criminal justice programs. You can get in touch directly with the schools listed below to learn more about their online criminal justice program and what the details are. We recommend requesting more information from 3 or more schools to give yourself some options. Be sure to ask about a few of the important questions: length of program, flexibility of schedule (they should be flexible since they are online programs), graduation rate, and tuition assistance.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal justice is a broad, all-encompassing area of study, and as a result there are multiple specializations of degrees. Security, legal, paralegal, and traditional criminal justice or law enforcement degrees are all categorized as a part of the justice education system. Below we highlight some of the more popular online criminal justice programs available at US colleges and universities.

Online Security Degree in Criminal Justice

An online A.S. in Security – Criminal Justice is focused on the security of buildings, facilities, or even people. Even with emerging technology to make buildings and valuables secure, personnel is still required to ensure security.

Online IT Security/Cybersecurity Degree in Criminal Justice

The cybersecurity field is growing, and it is an excellent field to be in. Working in IT security or cybersecurity, you can expect to ensure vulnerabilities are kept to a minimum. Some workers in this field focus on fixing or patching bugs withing specific software, and have a desire to be in the computer science or programming field while helping make a difference by securing company infrastructure.

Online Paralegal Degree in Criminal Justice

Paralegals have helped many law firms run smoothly for many years. Considered the right hand research man (or woman) of a law firm, paralegals help file documents, revise documents, and/or research specific legalities for their law firm’s clients.

Online Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Typically, the Associate in Criminal Justice takes around 18 to 24 months (with some variance, of course) to complete in a traditional, on-campus setting, and the online A.S. in Criminal Justice is no exception. The Associate’s degree in criminal justice is much more focused on practical application of the law, the structure of the law, and how to apply the law to real-life situations.

All types of Associate’s in Criminal Justice Degrees come with more specific designations for their proper degree name, and there are subtle differences: Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Arts, Associate of Justice, and general Associate Degree are several names you might encounter when searching for your associates degree. The differences are minor and mainly depend on the college you are attending and typically deal with the general education courses you take (whether they are more focused on science/technology/STEM Gen-Ed courses, or liberal arts/pscyhology-based studies). Be sure to check with the program you request information from to figure out the details of each program.

A summary of the top Associate’s-level specialties in criminal justice is below.

Online Associate’s in Criminal Investigations Degree

Criminal investigations involves using facts and evidence to prove criminals and suspects as guilty parties. With an Associate’s in Criminal Investigations, it is more than likely that career opportunities would include the collection of evidence and preservation. This degree specialty is very closely related to (and sometimes used interchangeably with) Forensic Science.

Online Associate’s in Criminal Justice Administration Degree

The A.S. in Criminal Justice is really an over-arching degree. Many universities and colleges designate their general criminal justice degree as a criminal justice administration degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

A bachelor’s of science in criminal justice is typically a 4-year degree offering by many universities, available at campus locations as well as online universities. As with associate’s degrees, there are multiple options (just a few listed below as a sample) and specialties to tie in with your B.S. in Criminal Justice.

Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Investigations Degree

A Bachelor’s degree holder in Criminal Investigations would at times work with gathering evidence, but would typically more focus on interviewing suspects or witnesses, reviewing all evidence gathered to determine viable suspects.

Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration Degree

Criminal justice administration is a vast category that even has subcategories of its own, including Management, Security, Cybercrime, and Human Services.

All have their own specialties, but in general a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration includes studying the foundation of the criminal justice system, focused on principle, theory, and modern techniques that are used in the field.