How to Become a State Trooper

If you become a state trooper, you’ll work to protect the safety of citizens throughout your state.

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Among the most important (and perhaps the most familiar) duties of state troopers is patrolling highways. State troopers enforce driving laws and play critical roles at the scene of accidents, directing traffic to prevent further, related accidents, calling for or administering first aid, and managing the scene. State troopers also support other police offers throughout their states, providing backup, particularly for police forces in less-populated areas. Above all, if you become a state trooper, you’ll work to enforce laws and arrest criminals throughout the entire area of your state.

The education required to become a state trooper varies by state, but in general at least a year of post-high school education is required. In some states, if you have served in the military the post-high school educational requirement is waived because of your experience. In addition to education you undertake on your own, in order to become a state trooper you’ll be required to undergo a state-sponsored training program.

While there is no one degree that will best prepare you to become a state trooper, coursework in areas like law, criminal justice, and even social work can help you figure out if a career in law enforcement is right for you.

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