How to Become a Loss Prevention Specialist

Loss prevention specialists must be familiar with local laws and comfortable with court testimony. A criminal justice degree can help you prepare for a career in this profession.

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Responsibilities of Loss Prevention Specialists

Loss Prevention Specialists: Saving Money Behind the Scenes
Loss prevention specialists are also sometimes known as store detectives or loss prevention agents. A loss prevention specialist protects the property of hotels or department stores.

They are responsible for identifying and apprehending thieves and vandals. This can potentially include not only customers and guests, but also employees and vendors.

Some of the duties that a loss prevention specialist might perform include:

  • Monitoring merchandise and property
  • Inventory reports
  • Security reports
  • Inspections
  • Apprehension of thieves and vandals
  • Crowd control and surveillance
  • Court testimony

Recommended Skills for a Loss Prevention Specialist

As a loss prevention specialist, it’s important for you to be knowledgeable about legal matters and local laws. For example, loss prevention specialists may have to detain or interview potential suspects and need to follow the law when doing so. Training in interviewing techniques and liability issues can help you navigate these delicate situations.

Additionally, loss prevent specialists must have good people skills, as they work closely with employees and customers. Some loss prevention specialists may help develop policies or guidelines relating to theft and vandalism or oversee a team of security personnel.