How to Become a Fingerprint Specialist

Fingerprint specialists need to be aware of legal matters and laws, and a justice degree can help prepare you for a career in this profession.

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What Does a Fingerprint Specialist Do?

Like other types of detectives, there is a strong outlook for Fingerprint Specialists. A fingerprint specialist is a law enforcement professional who specializes in collecting and identifying fingerprint evidence. Like other members of law enforcement, fingerprint specialists investigate crime scenes and uncover facts related to unlawful activities.

Because of the broad range of potential duties, crime scene analysts tend to specialize. Fingerprint specialists are experts in locating and collecting fingerprints in various conditions, as well as preserving, archiving, and identifying them.

How to Train for a Career as a Fingerprint Specialist

Fingerprint specialists need both technical and legal knowledge, including an understanding of federal, state, and local laws. As a fingerprint specialist, you need to understand how to uncover evidence without violating privacy rights and compromising a crime scene, both of which can potentially jeopardize the ability for evidence to be used in a court of law.

Additionally, fingerprint specialists need knowledge of computer technologies used to store and analyze fingerprints, as well as experience collecting fingerprints. The FBI offers fingerprint certification that may be required by some employers.